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French liquid for electronic cigarette

Any vaping enthusiast is concerned about the origin of their e-liquid for their electronic cigarette. At your manufacturer VNS Shop, you will find a whole range of French e-liquid to vapoter in all peace. Indeed, a French e liquid has the advantage of being of better quality. So, at VNS Shop, we offer you a wide choice of flavours for your e-liquid, so that you can diversify your experience and have fun.

French e-liquid: the guarantee of a quality electronic cigarette liquid

Each French e-liquid is made from carefully selected raw materials and in strict compliance with European standards. This superior quality is the guarantee of a quality electronic cigarette product. You will find all the French e-liquid flavours you like at your VNS Shop manufacturer, such as La Petite Fraise Noir, Vanilla's, Don Vanilla's and many more!

Made from propylene glycol, our electronic cigarette products allow for a lighter hit to improve the vape experience for every vaper. The purchase of eliquid is intended for everyone, whether smokers wishing to stop smoking or simply vapoteurs who do it for the pleasure of taste. Thus, we offer a panel of e liquid without nicotine origin France, allowing to vapoter without danger for health!

According to your needs, you can adapt the nicotine in your eliquid to gradually lower its level over the bottles.

A French e-liquid and cheap: it is possible with VNS Shop!

You will have understood, at VNS Shop, we have chosen quality. But also the price! We pay particular attention to the method of manufacture of each of our products for electronic cigarette. Thus, we offer the purchase of French e liquid, but also cheap e liquid. Indeed, we are particularly keen to offer everyone the opportunity to vapot a natural e liquid, designed based on vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. There is nothing like an e-liquid from France to ensure that you are vaping a premium quality product, without health risks.

So why miss out on an e-liquid made in France? With VNS Shop, you are guaranteed a cheap and natural e liquid. For a premium quality electronic cigarette product, rely on your specialist brand VNS Shop!

Choosing your electronic cigarette flavour

As we often say, "to each his own", and in terms of French e liquid, there is no lack of choice! Indeed, at VNS Shop, you will find flavors specially selected for their subtle aromas and delicious flavors. What to succumb to the taste buds of all our lovers of vape! Of course, the price and quality are among the most important criteria in the choice of each flavour for electronic cigarette!

Among the e liquids present at your manufacturer, you will then find the gourmet flavors, fruity, and will also have the opportunity to opt for more traditional flavors like tobacco classic for example, or fresher as the green mint.


Delivery of your e-liquid order with VNS SHOP

Once your e-liquid order has been validated, the packages are usually shipped within 48 hours of receiving your payment. 

At your VNS Shop manufacturer, you also have the option of paying for your basket by cheque. For these orders, the packages will be sent within 72 hours. 

To guarantee your satisfaction, VNS Shop packages are oversized, protected and packed in plastic sleeves and bubble wrap. So you can be sure that your e-liquids will arrive in perfect condition.

Are you looking for a quality electronic cigarette product? Choose a French e-liquid and be delivered quickly thanks to your manufacturer VNS Shop!


French liquid for electronic cigarette

Active filters

CREAMY'S - 50ml

Price €19.90

Nicotine-free 50 ml of boosted flavor Vegetal Based PGV 40 /...

NUTTY'S - 50ml

Price €19.90

Nicotine-free 50 ml of boosted flavor Vegetal Based PGV 40 /...